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Cappadocia hosts millions of visitors every year because of its natural beauties, history and culture. Since the early 1990s these natural beauties have been explored by hot air balloon  Cappadocia. Urgup Balloon Company was founded in 2008 by Cappadocian entrepreneurs. Since the day it was founded, it has acted with the understanding of boutique ballooning service. It is an important task to provide quality and safe flight to its guests. In this way, it serves with high quality personnel and world standard balloons. The most important issue of the Urgup Balloon is flight safety first. It has experienced pilots and ground crews to ensure flight safety. Balloons are regularly inspected and insured every year.
Hot air balloon cappadocia price are one of the most popular air vehicles people have started with passion since the Mongolfiere Brothers. Hot air balloon ride cappadocia activities in the Cappadocia region began in the 1990s. Urgup Balloon was established in 2008 with the aim of increasing the number of visitors in order to provide boutique service. Urgup Balon, which holds 7 balloons in its place, has a 15-vehicle fleet.

Urgup Balloon aims to provide top-class ballooning services to its guests. Snacks such as bagels, pastries, cakes, tea, coffee, fruit juice are served at the meeting point after the reception from the hotel in the early hours of the morning. At the same time, with the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority for ‘flightable’, the guests are perfectly transferred to their balloons and take-off point. Each guest sees inflation of the pre-flight balloons. The required security notice is issued by the pilot and then the flight occurs before sunrise. The pilots prefer to take-off the field every morning, so that more winds will travel than the direction and severity of the wind. After the flight starts, guests are traveling between the valleys and flying low. Cappadocia is a paradise for those who love flying low. Because the balloons will enter the valleys and offer you the most beautiful view. At the same time, seasoned pilots will turn the balloons at 360 degrees and allow you to see the whole scene without moving from the floor. Cappadocia will offer you a unique landscape. Violet painted in different colors, Fairy Chimneys eroded by erosion will fascinate you. Your flight attendance is 1 hour and 1.5 hours per paquet. At the same time there is price volatility relative to basket capacity. While a small basket and those who want to fly for a long time will charge a higher fee, the big sepette short flight will further reduce the price. All of these flights are defined as shared flights.

In addition, guests can make a private balloon tour. These flights, which usually take place with 2 people, are personal. Only the chartered guests are in the pilot basket. After the flight, guests will perform a soft landing called soft landing and landing on the trailer depending on the weather conditions and landing location. You will witness the summoning and extinguishing of the balloon after the landing, and you will immortalize this moment. Champagne cake and fruit juice will be served for you by the place crew. In the meantime, your pilot will give you a commemorative flight certificate that you signed the flight. The last model van waiting near the landing area will take you back to your hotel. The activity that started at 4-5 in the morning will be finished at 7-8 in the morning.
Once you have entered the person and date information on our internet page from the reservation process, you will be approved together with your payment.
Among the best activities to be made in Turkey, it is undoubtedly the first place to fly with a hot air balloon. People have a reason to choose Urgup Balloon for this activity once they are done throughout life. Safety, experienced pilots and ground crew, quick operation, flight types and options, top level guest satisfaction, creative management approach, modern and new fleet.

As Urgup Balon we invite you to discover the unique beauty of Cappadocia with us. You can always send us your requests and suggestions via See you soon in Cappadocia.

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